Is your law firm looking for support during a merger, acquisition or restructure?

Mosaic Legal is a collaboration of experienced legal and financial specialists, working exclusively in professional practices. We offer a bespoke, independent service designed to support law firms through mergers, acquisitions, restructures or any kind of ownership planning.

When you choose to work with us, you’ll benefit from:
  • A unique combination of financial and legal skills
  • Commercially-focused, innovative support
  • Decades of hands-on experience
  • A bespoke support and pricing structure built around your requirements

Dealing with a merger or acquisition can be a fraught time, whichever side of it you’re on. There are many challenges that can stand in the way of a successful restructure, and sometimes these can stall the deal altogether.

We have a proven track record of smoothing the way and getting things done. Whatever stage you’re at, we can partner you through the process, all the way from strategic intent to post-deal integration.

Whether you’re looking for a strategic partner, an expert negotiator, deal-focused accountancy support, a specialist solicitor or an impartial honest broker, we’re here to help.

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