Virtual Coffee Breaks

We are currently meeting for Virtual Coffee Breaks, discussing issues and challenges affecting law firms. You can join our conversations below, starting with the most recent.

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In this episode, we met with Alex Hutchinson to discuss IT issues on law firm mergers.

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Welcome to today’s virtual coffee break, where we chat about the current state of the M&A market. We also share insights as to what we’re currently working on, in this area.

We are pleased to welcome back Paul McCluskey. Today’s discussion centres around maximising interest on client bank accounts for law firms

Here we chat with Paul McCluskey of Gemstone Legal about all things banking for law firms.

Here are our predictions for 2024. Our regular followers will know that this is the fourth year in which we’ve made our predictions – we’ll leave you to decide how (in)accurate we may have been!

Today we meet to discuss our reflections on 2023 and we each share our highlights of the year

Forecasts, PEP, Unbundling and Duties

Here we’re back with part 2 of our discussion on managing profit

Join our discussion on managing profit in interesting times…

Here we discuss what each of us do on a day-to-day basis and how we bring our skills together to contribute to Mosaic.

Predictions for 2023

Today we meet to reflect on the types of work we each undertook in 2022

Today we continue our chat with David Gilmore, this time on data disasters and how to avoid them.

For our latest coffee break, we are joined by David Gilmore of DG Legal to discuss all things e-mail cyber security. Do join us!

We  chat again with Sarah Keegan, this time to discuss efficiencies in law firms, in particular the barriers and how to overcome them.

In our latest episode, we meet with Sarah Keegan to hear about the work she does with law firms and how she successfully effects change.

A follow up to our earlier session with Amy Bell of Teal Compliance, Part 2 of our chat focuses on culture and the impact it can have on compliance in law firms.

We were pleased to be joined by Amy Bell of Teal Compliance who shares her views and a look ahead at compliance for law firms. Here’s Part 1.

We’re continuing our discussion with Simon McCrum, this time on the topic of partner rewards and appraisal – do join us!

During this virtual coffee break we were delighted to be joined by Simon McCrum who shared the benefit of his experience and why law firms should stop chasing shiny!

We continue our chat with Ann Harrison and cover price transparency and AML for solicitors – do join us!

Join today’s discussion and hear from Ann Harrison, Board Member at the SRA, talk about training future solicitors.

Today our discussion centres around our views on the economic outlook for law firms – do join us.

Law firm disputes is today’s topic and in particular we discuss the types of issues we have dealt with recently.

We continue our discussion on the upcoming PII renewals, with Jenny Screech of Howden Group. Do get in touch with your experiences and views.

Today we are pleased to be joined by Jenny Screech of Howden Group, to chat to us about the hot topic of PII renewals this autumn.

Here’s Part 2 of our chat with Andy Harris of Hazlewoods, this time on the restructuring of law firms post the budget.