Howard Hackney

Howard has been advising law firms on how to achieve their objectives for more than fifteen years. He offers independent support on:

  • Mergers, acquisitions and sales
  • Structuring and funding transactions
  • Addressing related tax issues
  • Devising profit sharing, capital structure and governance regimes

Before going out on his own, Howard had a lengthy career as a full equity partner at Grant Thornton. During this time, Howard was directly involved in three mergers. This insider insight, combined with a great deal of experience as an external advisor, makes Howard an excellent choice to act as the lead advisor during negotiations, or as an impartial ‘honest broker’.

He is available to advise firms right from the beginning of the process, from making strategic decisions about whether to pursue a merger or acquisition, to identifying targets. Howard also supports firms through a range of specialist projects, such as sales to Employee Ownership Trusts.

A wide range of issues can arise during mergers and acquisitions. Howard has a deep understanding of both ‘hard’ and ‘soft’ issues, and how best to address them. He delivers a personal, integrated advisory service and has a particular talent for identifying and unlocking deal breakers.

Alongside his client advisory work, Howard regularly speaks at seminars and conferences. He provides training to law firms and family businesses on a variety of topics, including profit sharing regimes, capital structures and succession planning.

Howard is a former winner of the CBI’s Best Business Advisor Award and has appeared frequently in print and broadcast media.

If your firm is looking for advice on making strategic decisions about mergers, acquisitions or sales, or if you need an experienced lead negotiations advisor, please get in touch.

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