What we do

In essence, what we do is simple: we work with legal businesses like yours to support them through mergers, sales and acquisitions.

As part of this:

  • We build innovative and reliable strategies.
  • We identify and evaluate targets.
  • We give you the benefit of our decades of experience.
  • We save you an enormous amount of management time and energy.
  • We facilitate productive discussion.
  • We drive successful negotiations.
  • We resolve issues and overcome deal breakers.
  • We offer an objective eye.
  • We plan for effective integrations.
  • We deliver excellent outcomes.
  • We complete deals.

The question of how we do these things is more difficult to answer. No two law firms are the same, and neither are any two mergers, sales or acquisitions. With this in mind, we believe it’s vital to be able to deliver a completely bespoke service built around what each client needs from us.

This means that you don’t have to choose the support you need based on pre-existing packages. Instead, we’ll start with a conversation about your circumstances, requirements, budget and aspirations, then we’ll take things from there.

The main role we take on for our clients is that of a lead advisor, negotiator or impartial honest broker. We’re available to work on behalf of one party or can be hired jointly by everyone involved. Equally, you can choose to work with us from the beginning of the process right until the end, or you can bring us in to help resolve a single issue.

It really is all up to you.

Do you have something in mind? Please get in touch to discuss how we could work together.